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I had just been to the best asset protection seminar that I’ve ever been to. What I learned was fantastic, exciting and would be worthwhile to check out.” – Donna, Business Owner

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“Most people don’t really give asset protection much thought until they need it, but then it can be a real lifesaver.” – Thomas, Retired

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A lot of people say they don’t need to protect their assets as they do nothing wrong and don’t generate liability.

We’ve got bad news for them. The court dockets are filled with unjust cases being brought against good people. A number of times the good guys lose as well.

Don’t rely on chance. Take steps now to make sure you and your family’s wealth and assets are protected.

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Asset Protection, Tax Planning & Financial Privacy Workshop

Learn How to use LLC’s, Limited Partnerships, Corporations, Foundations, Trusts and

CRT’s (Charitable Remainder Trust) to Achieve…

Total Asset Protection!

David McCauley, President and Founder of Leaders Without Limits, Inc. reveals the newest, most effective strategies to protect yourself against lawsuits, creditors, divorce, foreclosure and other deadly threats that can financially destroy you! It’s unfortunate, but true; we live in a highly litigious society and people today seem to sue one another over just about anything. Unless you take decisive and informed action using legally sound strategies that have been in place for decades (legal, ethical and responsible asset-protection planning), you’re gambling against your own financial interests.

Protect everyone you love and everything you own. Learn how you can remove the incentive to sue you and limit your personal liability. Protect your family, your home, your business ventures and other assets from potential lawsuits. You’ll learn what over 90% of financial planners, CPAs and attorneys either don’t know, or aren’t telling you!

You will learn the secrets the mega-rich and the largest of corporations have been using for decades. From liability protection to tax reduction, choosing the best business entity is one of the most important decisions you will make. Ensure you and your assets will be safe from any legal attack! Legally, Lawfully & Ethically.

Our Distinguished Presenter:

David McCauley, President/CEO

David McCauley is a multi-state commercial property investor and is an expert in the field of asset protection, he’s been self-employed his entire life with over two decades of successful business experience as an entrepreneur. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and educator, providing asset protection workshops and seminars within the United States. He will share practical information and valuable insight. The extensive information you will gain at this workshop is hard-hitting, to the point and can be applied in the real world.

In just one exciting day, you will unleash the power of essential tax planning techniques and legally-sound strategies used to insulate and protect your assets, real estate holdings and business ventures from future potential claims. You will learn how to use the law to increase profits, reduce tax liability, avoid probate and protect your assets the way the wealthy do.

Leaders Without Limits Attendees:

Entrepreneurs ~ Retirees ~ Business Professionals ~ Realtors® ~ Real Estate Investors ~ Appraisers ~ Engineers ~ Physicians ~ Chiropractors ~ Financial Advisors ~ Contractors ~ Architects ~ Inventors ~ Farmers/Ranchers ~ Animal Boarding Facilities ~ Arena Operators ~ Equestrian Centers ~ Architects ~ Consultants ~ Aircraft Pilots ~ Owners of closely held corporations and/or limited liability companies

You Will Discover How To:

  • Stop lawsuits dead in their tracks
  • Using Corporations, FLPs and LLCs for Protection and Privacy
  • Learn Control vs. Ownership
  • Protect your Business or Professional Practice
  • Protecting your Family Home and Real Estate Investments
  • Put a protective barrier between your personal and business assets
  • Protecting your Inheritance from legal attacks
  • Take your name off the “deep pockets” hit list
  • Tax planning and decrease IRS audit risk significantly, while improving your bottom line
  • Maximize the benefits of business ownership while you minimize exposure
  • Learn the difference between LLCs, C and S corporations
  • Corporate asset protection strategies for the often-complicated road to incorporating your business
  • Powerful strategies for those currently incorporated who feel they may not be fully protected
  • Shield your personal and business assets from this changing economy
  • Learn how to hold and manage title to residential and commercial real estate
  • Learn how to create Mortgages, UCC-1 filings, and Trust Deeds to protect real estate equity and preserve other large assets with a corporation you control. Protection & Privacy!
  • Learn how to create leases to lease all kinds of equipment from copiers and faxes to back hoes, trucks and company cars to your corporation. Legally, Lawfully and Ethically
  • Keep your corporate records in compliance the quick, easy and hassle-free way
  • Extended period for individual strategy questions
  • All Workshop Materials Included

Most popular total asset protection workshop ~ Experience makes the difference


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Experience the power of advanced asset protection and becoming judgment proof. Ensure you are on the road to extreme financial success… start asset protection planning before a lawsuit or creditor claim arises.

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Leaders Without Limits, Inc.
Asset Protection, Tax Planning & Financial Privacy
David McCauley, President/CEO

No Events Scheduled At This Time. Please check “McCauley Live” for upcoming events.

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