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I had just been to the best asset protection seminar that I’ve ever been to. What I learned was fantastic, exciting and would be worthwhile to check out.” – Donna, Business Owner

“In this economy, Mr. McCauley’s suggestion to incorporate my business was the single most important thing I could do.” – Mike, Business Owner

“Most people don’t really give asset protection much thought until they need it, but then it can be a real lifesaver.” – Thomas, Retired

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A lot of people say they don’t need to protect their assets as they do nothing wrong and don’t generate liability.

We’ve got bad news for them. The court dockets are filled with unjust cases being brought against good people. A number of times the good guys lose as well.

Don’t rely on chance. Take steps now to make sure you and your family’s wealth and assets are protected.

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Entities, Agreements & Formations

Leaders Without Limits offers asset protection strategy reviews and attorney-assisted planning to expedite formation of the following entities used to protect your assets throughout the United States, and worldwide. Because our daily lives are filled with liability and exposure, it makes sense to protect your assets from lawsuits and creditors. We are dedicated to providing our clients with customized solutions to their asset protection planning and privacy needs.

We know how to evaluate our clients holdings and work with our clients to identify the best ways to legally protect those holdings from a variety of creditors, including frivolous lawsuits and civil litigation involving malpractice, misconduct or negligence. We have provided our services to some of today’s most well known business owners, real estate professionals, physicians and superstar athletes. Additionally, we provide ongoing support for every asset protection plan we implement.

  • Corporations (all 50 states)
  • Professional Corporations
  • Non-Profit Corporations 501(c) (3)
  • Family Limited Partnerships / FLP
  • Limited Liability Companies / LLC
  • Nevada Series Limited Liability Companies / LLC
  • Limited Liability Partnerships / LLP
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnerships /LLLP
  • Asset Management Limited Partnerships / LP
  • Self-Directed IRA’s / LLC
  • Asset Protection Trust / APT
  • Domestic Security Trust / DST
  • Charitable Remainder Trust / CRT
  • Revocable Family Living Trust / Inter Vivos
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust / ILIT
  • Health Reimbursement Agreement / HRA
  • Integrated Estate Planning Trust / IEPT
  • Children’s Trust 2503(c)
  • Statutory “Pet” Trust
  • Family Foundations
  • Irrevocable Trust / Life Estate
  • Multi-State Strategies
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Business Trusts

The Right Way to “Go Corporate”

If your business is worth striving for… it’s worth protecting! Our full-service, turn-key filing and formation, registration and qualification of corporation packages include the following:

  • One full year of registered agent services
  • One hour Strategy Review by our Executive Committee
  • All State filing fees
  • Corporate name check (Name Availability and Reservation of Name)
  • Certified Articles of Incorporation
  • All documentation filed with the Secretary of State
  • Carefully crafted medical reimbursement plan
  • Corporate Forms
  • Engraved corporate hand-press seal with pouch
  • Deluxe corporate binder with corporate name embossed that includes:
  • Certified copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • 20 Pre-Printed Stock Certificates (with total number of authorized shares)
  • Corporate By-Laws
  • Minutes of first Organizational Board of Directors meeting
  • Over a dozen commonly used resolutions, including a corporate borrowing resolution
  • Publishing of Annual Statements (for foreign corporations)
  • Stock Transfer Register
  • Application and instructions for Employer Identification Number (SS-4 Form) a/k/a (EIN) Tax ID Number

In addition, Leaders Without Limits offers annual subscription to our ongoing Paperwork Assistance Program, allowing for timely completion of Board of Director meeting minutes, Annual Shareholder meeting minutes and actions of business activities; all necessary compliance documents required by law. The annual Board of Director meeting can be planned anywhere, and it’s completely tax-free when the corporation pays for it.

Without proper corporate records and resolutions, the protection of the corporate veil is jeopardized. In fact, people who act on behalf of an “unorganized” corporation may be held personally liable for all corporate contracts executed by them as well as any personal injuries that may result from the course of their business dealings. The key is to document your decisions and establish respect of the corporation as a separate legal business entity.

Our clients are assured a commitment of in-depth education and understanding of their entity formation, as well as unprecedented access to professional assistance throughout the formation process and beyond. We welcome your questions and provide the expedited answers you need free of additional charge in most cases.

Please feel free to contact us to request a personalized confidential strategy review with up-to-date information on how to protect everything you own from everyone, every time; 1 (877) 652-1868.


How anyone can find out what you own… protect yourself against asset searches, garnishments and judgments… education is the key.

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