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I had just been to the best asset protection seminar that I’ve ever been to. What I learned was fantastic, exciting and would be worthwhile to check out.” – Donna, Business Owner

“In this economy, Mr. McCauley’s suggestion to incorporate my business was the single most important thing I could do.” – Mike, Business Owner

“Most people don’t really give asset protection much thought until they need it, but then it can be a real lifesaver.” – Thomas, Retired

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A lot of people say they don’t need to protect their assets as they do nothing wrong and don’t generate liability.

We’ve got bad news for them. The court dockets are filled with unjust cases being brought against good people. A number of times the good guys lose as well.

Don’t rely on chance. Take steps now to make sure you and your family’s wealth and assets are protected.

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Proven Asset Protection Strategies ~ Talk Radio AM 950

Welcome to the Leaders Without Limits Show with your host David McCauley – KAHI TALK RADIO AM 950. Please join David and special guest as they discuss cutting edge strategies for protecting yourself. Laws are constantly changing. What are the best strategies to protect your assets from lawsuits and creditor actions? What works? What doesn’t?

Our “CLICK & PLAY” library of our radio shows feature timely information regarding asset protection and wealth preservation, including local business owners and individuals speaking to the benefits of corporations and asset protection strategies they now enjoy.
  • Attorney and popular radio talk show host, Attorney James Hirsen, Esq. of the Legal Survival Show features David McCauley on Asset Protection… Listen
  • Putting Your Full Faith, Credit and Financial Future in Someone Else’s Hands; The Lessons of Stockton’s Bankruptcy… Listen
  • Asset Protection Lessons Learned After Stockton, Ca’s Bankruptcy… Listen
  • Seriously? Redding, California Billboard:… Listen
  • Asset Protection 101; What is Asset Protection?… Listen
  • Starting Over: Protecting New Assets from Old Judgments… Listen
  • Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, Financial Privacy and Business Growth Workshop, July 28th, Bend, Oregon – at the wonderful Riverhouse Convention Center!… Listen
  • How to receive Health Reimbursement Funds (from your corporation) Tax Free… Listen
  • How To Put a Brick Wall Between Your Assets and Risk!… Listen
  • How to Encumber Your Real Estate Against a Lawsuit… Listen
  • Economic Downturn Driving Seizure of Investment Assets… Listen
  • Real Property and Bulldozers; Protecting Both Is Easy… Listen
  • The Mock Strategy Review! David McCauley and Friends Role Play!… Listen
  • Sole Proprietors At Risk for Lawsuits… Listen
  • Trusted Advisors: Leaders Without Limits Expands Workshop Series to Include Exclusive Trusted Advisor Presentation… Listen
  • The “Strategy Review”: How certain are you about your asset protection?… Listen
  • Avoiding Probate; Not The Same As Asset Protection… Listen
  • Sometimes knowing what you should do regarding asset protection begins by understanding what NOT to do… Listen
  • Special Guest, Business Attorney David Haddock… Listen
  • Thinking Outside the Box with Proper Entity Structures… Listen
  • What Do The Rockefellers Know?… Listen
  • Asset Protection; What Attorneys and Accountants Don’t Know… Listen
  • Bend, Oregon Real Estate? Who Would Have Thunk?… Listen
  • Shareholders As Entities… Listen
  • Entities: Corporations (C-Corp/S-Corp, Limited Partnerships, LLC’s, etc.) …who owns them? Who controls them? Who carries the liability?… Listen
  • Leaders Without Limits Announces New Asset Protection Strategy Programming Available Soon Online… Listen
  • Did you know that an apartment building with more than four units is actually a commercial real estate building? How many units do you need to force appreciation and create profits? Why are exit strategies important?… Listen
  • Bend, Oregon: Open For Business… Listen
  • David McCauley discusses some of the principals behind the Commercial Real Estate program’s “Eight Exit Strategies”; how to force appreciation, discover best uses for a property that will add income, and know in advance, your exit goals… Listen
  • Age of Commercial Real Estate? Does it matter when it comes to investing?… Listen
  • Forced Appreciation, Seller-Financing, How to Securely Hold Commercial Real Estate Title. These topics and more… Listen
  • Can a Family Limited Partnership hold properties in multiple states?… Listen
  • Commercial Real Estate Investment & More… Listen
  • Section 162, 79, 105(b); Incorporating Can Help You Write More Off Your Taxes… Listen
  • S-Corps can often be restructured to ensure greater asset protection and reduced tax liabilities… Listen
  • All-New! Commercial Real Estate Workshop July 28th! Plus, the “Dirty Dozen” – bad strategies for investing and asset protection… Listen
  • From A to Z; Asset Protection Against Lawsuits and Estate Protection… Listen
  • MediCal “Pay Back” & “Look-Back” Policy. What you need to know to prevent the state from claiming your assets… Listen
  • Knowing the Future Value of Commercial Real Estate Based Upon Proven Evaluation Tools Is Key To Investment… Listen
  • The Four Pillars of Commercial Real Estate Investment and How To Navigate Them… Listen
  • Geoff of Loomis learned about the benefits of forming specific entities… Listen
  • Commercial Real Estate Investment: Wealth-building The Smart Way… Listen
  • Is Your CPA Risking Your Assets and Financial Security?… Listen
  • Experienced Accountants and Attorneys Often Misguide Clients Regarding Incorporating Their Business… Listen
  • Transferring Your Seller’s Permit to Your Corporation A Must… Listen
  • Independent Home Inspector Realizes Personal Risk… Listen
  • Compounding Business Ventures Increases Asset Risk… Listen
  • Safeguarding Your Inheritance… Listen
  • Retirement Funds and Compliance Made Easy!… Listen
  • A multi-media and marketing consultant in Roseville, relates the tragedy of a personal friend… Listen
  • A career accountant speaks to the lack of education within his industry regarding asset protection, and therefore, lacking guidance for their clients… Listen
  • An engineer, working 9-to-5 as an employee, built a substantial real estate portfolio over the years… Listen
  • Not a Business Owner? A Revocable Living Trust Doesn’t Protect Your Assets… Listen
  • Shared Protection through Incorporation and Family Limited Partnership… Listen
  • General Partnerships, BEWARE!… Listen
  • Reduce Your Tax Liability!… Listen
  • Isn’t my Umbrella Insurance policy enough?… Listen
  • Roofing contractor forms a C-Corporation… Listen

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The Leaders Without Limits Show on Protecting Your Assets and Wealth is devoted entirely to the needs and challenges of protecting your family and business assets. We discuss issues that matter most to those planning to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits and unrelenting creditor actions. If you know a colleague, friend, family member or anyone that would benefit from this important information, please have them contact us directly.

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